A Blog Where We Can All Kiss and Tell

La Regazze is a blog space where our writers share beauty tips, conduct product reviews and how-to tutorials on makeup, skincare, nails, and all the glam. Our blog also has a dedicated Lookbook section for fashion lovers out there.

Who are we? Our writers are a group of beauty and fashion addicts. Our posts are mostly based on what we’ve learned on our own, from watching the beautiful ladies in our lives, following (a.k.a. insta stalking) other beauty bloggers, and also from attending professional beauty classes.

Our main goal? We want to ignite in our readers a sense of self-confidence and inspiration from reading our blog posts. Because we see self-confidence in itself an everlasting beauty, that once achieved does not fade with age. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog entries and be inspired by them.

xoxo – La Regazze