Anastasia Beverly Hills: Artist Palette

Artist Palette

Adding a pop of colour to your makeup is the IN thing this year, and if you’ve been insta-stalking makeup accounts, you know that the possibilities are endless! You could change up your look in just any way; with a dash or even double your liner with a neon yellow or aquamarine eyeliner (top or bottom lash, whichever rocks your look), to putting on daring, bold lip colours like orange matte to electric blue lipsticks. And this ladies, is precisely what inspired me to purchase and review the Artist Palette.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette has 12 versatile bright shades, equipped with 4 matte shades (Dusty Rose, Buttery, Coal, Phresh) and 8 shimmery shades (Aubergine, Anaconda, Punch Fuschia, Blue Velvet, Unicorn, Baby I’m A Star, Orange You Fancy, Beigely).

At first swatch the colour payoff is ok, but when you apply a primer beforehand, the results are much better for most of the shades. If applying a primer is still not enough, try to apply it wet. There are only two colours I still had issues with even after a primer and trying it on wet, and these were Blue Velvet (it’s supposed to have light shimmers, but all I get was a matte-finish) and Coal (a little powdery, so it didn’t blend easily even with a primer). My favourites were Unicorn, Aubergine, Phresh, Punch Fuschia, Anaconda, and Beigely.

Artist Palette Makeup

It’s time to put on a glamorous look!!!

Hello pretty ladies,

Any plans tonight? Maybe house party? clubbing? or just hanging out at the lounge with your friends? Let’s look glamorous tonight!!

Today, I am going to show you a glamorous champagne eye make up to prepare you for tonight!!

My winning pallette for today’s look will be from Lorac Mega Pro.

So here we go:

  1. Prime… Prime Prime… before any eyeshadow application (Primer: Urban Decay Eden) and with your finger, dab lightly an all over base on your eyelid. For the base, I am using the cream base from Etude house (Look at my eyes pearl shadow base). This will intensify the eyeshadow color later when u apply it on.
  2. Apply a nude base color all over your eyelid up to your brow bone (Lorac Mega Pro: cream)
  3. With a medium size brush (Sigma E25), apply a light color as the transition color along your crease and blend it nicely in a windshield motion back and forth with a light hand (Lorac Mega Pro: Khaki)
  4. Apply a champagne color on the eyelid area. (Lorac Mega Pro: Cashmere) and apply a lighter color right on the middle of the eyelid area to pop the champagne color even more (Lorac Mega Pro: Opal)
  5. Apply a darker color on the outer corner of your eyes; don’t apply it too much and not too high as well. It is just to add a dimension to your eyes and create a proper gradient color (Lorac mega Pro: Caviar)
  6. Lastly, apply your favourite eyeliner and create a soft wing to it, then you can finish your eye makeup look by applying a nice natural false lashes

Isn’t that simple?? Try it on girls and get ready to look glamour for your party tonight!!!

Here is a snapshot of this make up final look!! Hope you girls like it!



Anastasia Beverly Hills: Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette



Anastasia’s Beverly Hills makeup has been on my makeup wish list for the longest time, that’s why I am dedicating one post each to review the Shadow Couture World Traveller palette, and the next post will be on the Artist Palette.

Each palette is priced at CAD$39 before tax, 12 colours in each palette (shimmers and mattes), one dual-ended brush, and an interior mirror. Packaging isn’t heavy and quite sturdy, so you can definitely carry it around your purse when you’re travelling.

The colour payoff (swatch-based) are mostly pigmented, buttery, easy to blend. I applied a good eye base primer, and the colour build-up is just amazing.

My absolute favourite colours from the Shadow Couture are Morocco, Bellini, Pink Champagne, Chic, Azure, Intense Gaze, and Metallic.

Below are 2 looks I created. The first was using the Shadow Couture palette, and the second was a mix with the Artist palette. Makeup details are described below each picture.


1. I will say that this was my take on an Earthy smoky look. I used Soft Peach all over lid, Morocco on top and outer corner crease, Fudge on corner crease and a also used it to create a soft cut-crease effect, Spoiled on center of lid, Pink Champagne on inner corners, then Fudge on lower lash line.

  • Foundation: L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24HR in Natural Beige
  • Concealer: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger
  • Primer (lid): Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
  • Primer (under eye): Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Eye Primer
  • Brows were in ABH Soft Brown Brow Wiz and Espresso Brow Gel Tint
  • Ultra Black eyeliner from Physician’s Formula.
  • Lashes: Regal from Sephora
  • Lips: 1995 from Gerard Cosmetics
  • Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette
  • Tarte blush in Classic
  • Champagne Pop to highlight


2. Dubbed this the “Smoky Unicorn” on our Instagram account (@laregazze). This look was created in combination with the Artist Palette. I used Buttery all over lid, Blue Velvet on outer crease, Unicorn all over lid and on lower lash line, Azure as a transition colour, Heirloom to further accentuate the outer corners, then Pink Champagne in inner corners.

  • Foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay in Light-Medium Beige
  • Concealer: Kat Von D Lock It concealer in Medium 22
  • Primer (lid): Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
  • Primer (under eye): Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Eye Primer
  • Brows: Faceshop’s Dark Brown Browmaster Waterproof in Dark Grey
  • Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner in Black
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from Tarte
  • Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
  • Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette
  • Blush: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
  • Mary Lou-Manizer to highlight

Summer goes Matte


Summer and Matte… isn’t it just a perfect combination for the day look? Personally, I love shimmer colours, but since the sun out there is bright enough, I think it’s time to really bring out our matte colours!!

For today’s look, I will be using my LORAC Pro 2 palette, and my tropic colour theme for today will be on the purple shade.

So let me show you how I did this look:

  1. Eye Primer before everything. Why? Because eye primer will prolong your eye make up and intensify the colour.
  2. For the base colour shadow, I am using “BUFF” all over my eyes.
  3. As the point colour, I am using “Nectar” all over my eyelid. Dab it as you apply the colour. Dabbing will intensify the colour compared to sweeping it all over.
  4. As for the corner colour, I am using “PLUM” from the Pro 2 palette. Starting from the outer corner of your eyes, dab a little of this colour and lightly sweep it in and out around the corner of your eyes to create a softer blend. Keep blending until it reaches the intensity that you desire.
  5. To finish off the eye makeup, I created slight slanted winged eyeliner. This will add a dramatic effect to your eyes (especially for those of you who has small eyes like me).
  6. Curl your lashes and apply some mascara.



To finish off your overall make up, don’t forget to apply some blush and your favourite colour of lippies!!!

Isn’t this simple girls?? Try it out!! ☺

Summer is here… Time for Korean Make up!

Hi LaRegazzeans,

Don’t you think that Korean makeup is the most suitable make up style for summer? In my opinion, Korean make up style will give our faces the most natural look under the sun.

And so….My theme for today’s make up is “LOOKING NATURAL”. So remember girls, apply everything lightly… not too much please… it won’t look nice under the sun.

Now, I will share with you all on how I did my Korean look for this summer.


Face makeup:

Verina Antonio

  1. Apply daily skincare (toner, serum, moisturizer) and primer before any make up. (Primer: Missha BB Boomer)
  2. Why BB cream and NOT foundation? Because BB cream contains more vitamins and UV to protect your skin from the sun. In terms of texture, BB cream is less “cakey” compared to foundation… Which is perfect for our summer natural look! (BB cream: IOPE BB Cushion #C21)
  3. But, since BB cream doesn’t have a high, full coverage like foundation does, you might need to use a concealer to cover all your dark spots and acne.
  4. Apply loose powder all over the face especially on the most oily area of your face, therefore acting as a setting powder (Loose powder: Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder; Fair/Light)



Korean Eye Brow

Tips for Korean eyebrow: Draw a smooth flat line along the bottom of the brow, and outline a smooth little arch for the top of your eyebrow. Fill it with eyebrow mascara.

(Eyebrow Pencil: TonyMoly Easy Touch; Brown)

(Eyebrow mascara: Etude House Colour My Brow; #1)


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

  1. Apply crayon eye shadow (Nature’s republic ECO Crayon eyes; #1) all over the eyelid. Enhance the color by dabbing some powder eye shadow color on top of it (Too faced Natural eyes pallete; Color is Silk Teddy). Blend it nicely.
  2. Using a darker colour on the outer corner of the eye for gradient. Do not put too much, because remember you want to achieve a natural look. (Too faced Natural eyes pallete; Color is Cashmere Bunny)


Eye Liner


  1. Pencil Eyeliner along the tight lines (Stilla waterproof eyeliner; dark brown)
  2. Gently draw a winged eyeliner along your upper lashline, but keep the wing horizontal. (Recommendation: wing is no longer than 3 mm) (Dolly Wink liquid liner; Dark Brown)
  3. Using a lighter brown eyeliner, draw a halfway line along your lower lashline (Faceshop Make me Star waterproof Gel liner; #102)
  4. Add some more effect by applying a bright sparkly Tear liner on the inner corner of your eyes and halfway across the lower lashline. This creates a highlighting effect to your eyes (TonyMoly Crystal lovely eyes; Gold)



    1. Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara on the lashes
    2. Dab a light Blush (pink or orange color will work) on your cheekbone. Do not put too much as the colour will pop up even more under the sun (Millani; Corallina)
    3. Using a small contour brush, create an outline starting from your inner brow then all the way down vertically towards end of your nose. Blend the contour lines nicely. (NYC Bronzer)
    4. Highlight the bridge of your nose and upper cheeks just above your blush to add glow to your face (Benefit; Watt’s Up)
    5. Apply red lip tint with a cotton bud. Korean girls love gradient lips by applying the darkest red colour on the inner lips and go lighter towards the outer lips.



Final Look

Final Look Korean Style Make Up

Here is a snapshot of the products I used today:

Make Up Products

Thank you for reading girls.. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial for today.

Skinvestment: Makeup removal and Skincare Routine

Skinvestment: Makeup removal and Skincare Routine

I think investing on your skin’s health is worth the time, and for certain cases, even worth the financial investment. However, these investments will not matter if we don’t thoroughly clean off our makeup and the dirt accumulated during the day. Having a daily skincare routine is essential in maintaining beautiful, healthy skin.

Identifying your skin type is the first important step. For instance, my skin is the “combination” type: my T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin) tends to be oily, and the other areas like my cheeks, tend to be dry. My skin is also sensitive, so I can’t use products with harsh irritants like alcohol and menthol (which I had to find out the hard way through “trial and error”). So now, the products I use include ingredients like antioxidants, jojoba oil, glycerin, water, and more, that boost my skin’s radiance, reduces pore size, restores my skin’s pH balance, and moisturizes evenly.

Makeup removal

It is important to remove ALL your makeup, because if you don’t it will cause dirt build-up in your pores, and that is the first phase of the pimple lifecycle. Prevent this phase from happening, and you’re off to a good start.

1. Eye and lip makeup removal:

Make up Removal

Recommended product types: Any oil-based or cream-based remover will be ideal for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. Plus, oil-based removers effectively (and gently) cleans off waterproof and gel-based makeup without stripping off the moisture or causing oil-buildup on your skin.


  1. A trick I learned from my mom: When removing eye-makeup, place the cotton pad for 2 seconds just on your eyelid, then swipe your cotton pad downwards. Don’t rub it from side to side. This technique ensures that your mascara comes off completely, and prevents from wrinkles forming sooner on your eye lid.
  2. For my lips: I put a small amount of the remover on a pad and just gently swipe from side to side.

2. All-around face makeup removal:

Cleansing Cream & Tissue

Recommended product types: Again, any oil-based or cream-based makeup remover will be ideal.

Technique: First, apply the cleansing cream either on cotton pad or massage gently all over your face. Slowly remove your makeup using a cotton pad in these steps:

  1. Forehead: swipe the pad upwards towards your hairline.
  2. Nose and cheeks: start on one side of your nose, and swipe the pad gently sideward to your cheek, towards your ears. Repeat this process on the other side of your face.
  3. Chin: swipe the pad downwards to your neck.
  4. Neck: swipe the pad upwards from your chest, to your neck, up to your jawline.
  5. Repeat these steps using a facial cleansing tissue or towelette just to make sure you remove all your makeup.

Facial cleansing

When choosing facial cleansing products, I always make sure that it does not contain irritants that will cause reddening on my cheeks, or strip off too much moisture on the dry areas, or cause more oil build-up on my T-zone area. Skincare products that use natural ingredients, non-perfume, and are specifically targeted for sensitive skin would be your best bet, like Fresh from Sephora, and The Faceshop (Korean cosmetic and skincare brand).

1. Facial wash 

Facial Wash
Depending on my mood and how my face feels, I either use Fresh’s Soy Face Wash, or Faceshop’s Mung Beans Cleansing Foam, or I use my Mia2 Clarisonic. For Fresh’s Soy Face Wash, this is great for those of you that have sensitive, acne-prone skin. Faceshop’s Mung Beans Cleansing Foam is also suitable for sensitive, combination skin types with uneven skin tones and acne-prone. With my Clarisonic, I use the sensitive brush head and just use Clarisonic’s Refreshing Gel Cleanser. I use it almost every day (like 4-5 days out of 7 days a week), and my skin always feels so clean and smells oh so fresh.

2. Exfoliation or Facial mask

exfoliation or facial mask
I’ve used Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask, which you can use two ways: as an facial mask or can be used for deep-pore cleansing. Another product that I highly recommend is Faceshop’s White Jewel Peeling. It removes dead skin off without hassle and in just one minute. When exfoliating your skin, do so in gentle circular motions. Don’t scrub too fast and too hard because ladies, it’s your skin, not dry wall. If you have dry, sensitive skin, do not exfoliate and use facial masks instead like those from Glamglow and Fresh. For my skin type, I use Glamglow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment, which is for those with problem skin like acne-prone, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.

3. Toner and/or Oil treatment 

 toner and oil treatment

I use the Faceshop’s Calendula toner, and it is undeniably effective! Pores seem smaller and my skin looks more radiant after. As for facial oils, I’ve tried (and loved) Tarte’s Maracuja Oil and Josie Maran’s Argan Oil (both the Light and the Original). These really made my skin feel softer, firmer, and surprisingly did not make my face oilier. Use 3-4 drops, put on your fingertips, and gently pad (don’t swipe) all around your face and neck, even your derrière.

4. Acne treatment, Moisturize, and if you’re up for it, use a Booster.

acne treatment, moisturize

I use the Faceshop’s Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive Patch at night, and my pimple usually deflates the next day or two. I moisturize twice-a-day: morning and night. I use more of a SPF-based moisturizer during the day, and a lighter moisturizer at night, like the day and night cream from Shiseido. When my skin tone looks dull, I use Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster that nourishes, brightens, and makes my skin feel firmer. (hyperlink ole henriksen’s truth serum vitamin c coz there’s no picture)

And that’s it! Long process, many steps, but the results pay off! Do this for 2 weeks every single day and I promise you, with the right products for your skin, you will see and feel the difference. If you have any questions or concerns, please do leave it on the comments section below.

Quick Glowing BB Cream Application

Hello Beauty- Addict,

Do you know that a certain type of sponge gives a different effect on your BB Cream looks?
For this blog, I am going to show you how to efficiently apply a BB Cream.

I guess all of you should know that Korea comes out with a cushion BB cream. For those of you who have it, you should realize that each pack only comes with 15g in it and you know…. It is considered super little for a BB cream size. In order to be more economical, you can just purchase the sponge and apply your own BB cream with that sponge. Do you know why? Because I realized that the sponge works really great as an applicator itself.
The texture of the sponge gives you a dewy finish look that gives your face a glow even without the need of a highlighter.

So.. Let me show you how I apply it every morning:
1. As usual girls, always apply your daily skin care first before any make up application.

2. Primer is a MUST so that your make up lasts longer ☺ ☺ ☺

3. Grab the cushion sponge and pump a little bit of your BB cream on top of the sponge and DAB it evenly on your face. I usually start under the eye, then I move across to other areas on my face.
(Remember: this type of sponge works the best when you dab it on instead of wiping it on your face)
Blending tips: When you’ve evenly dabbed the BB cream on your face, you will realize that the leftover of the BB cream is concentrated on one side of the sponge. Use the other bottom-half of the sponge (without the BB cream leftovers), to smoothen the look by dabbing it one more time all over your face.




4. Once it’s evenly applied, you can then use concealer to cover all your dark spots because BB cream won’t be enough to cover those pimples/ dark spots


5. As a finishing, apply all over loose powder/ compact powder with a big face brush. Face Powder will lock the BB cream better and it will help to keep it last longer. (Important: Don’t apply a thick layer of face powder.. it will make your face lose it’s natural glow)

*For those of you who have dry skin like me… spray the sponge first with a face mist (I use the face mist from The Body Shop – Vit E). This will give you better moisture lock when you apply your BB cream on.



Try it on Girls!! I am a freak lover of the Beauty Blender sponge… but I realize that this sponge works really fast and it adds a brightening glowing effect on my skin ☺

Products that I used today are:
Glowing BB Cream Application Products

1. Missha BB Boomer as the primer

2. The Body Shop Vit E face mist (to spray on the sponge)

3. IOPE BB Cushion sponge

4. Missha Perfect cover BB Cream (No. 21)

5. Lorac Porefection Baked Powder

6. Big Face Brush