Double-trouble: Lorac’s Unzipped Original and Unzipped Gold Palette

Lorac Palettes

I became an instant fan when my girl friend bought me the Lorac Original Unzipped palette for my birthday last year, so when Lorac released the Unzipped Gold Palette, I knew that I just had to have it. Lorac’s eyeshadows are highly pigmented (soft and very easy to blend), and reasonably priced with each palette priced at USD$42 (plus tax). Their other products also have rave reviews, so this makeup brand is one that should not be missed.

I use both the Original Unzipped and Unzipped Gold palette almost religiously, sometimes each on its own, and most of of the time I blend the two together since the Original palette consists mostly of pink, neutral and subtle shimmery shades while the Gold palette is more of gold, bronze stronger shimmery shades. I am not really suggesting that you should have both Unzipped palettes (although it is not a bad investment at all IMHO), but try one first, and you can really go with either one depending on your style and preference.

In my pictures below, I used the Gold palette colours, and I also used Lorac’s Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.

  • Lorac Gold
  • Lorac Gold
  • Lorac Gold


For this look, I went for the bronzed, gold shade that will not be too dramatic during the day, and yet not too subtle during the evening, and I hope I achieved just that:

1. Base: Unlocked shade (Brush: Flat angled eye)

2. All-around eye: Unpredictable shade (Brush: Round eye)

3. Middle-crease area: Unleashed shade (Brush: Round eye)

4. Outer-crease: Unwind and Unafraid shades (Brush: Small tapered blending)

5. Brow-bone: Undressed shade (Brush: Flat angled eye)

6. Inner-crease highlight: Unlocked shade (Brush: Small tapered blending)

If you’re going for a more neutral-pink shade, this colour combination from the Original Unzipped palette will probably be much more suitable (see pictures below). For the brushes, I used it in the same order as the previous look:

  • lorac0
  • lorac2
  • lorac

1. Base: Undercover shade

2. All-around eye: Unreal shade

3. Middle-crease area: Unzipped shade then Undiscovered dabbed on top

4. Outer-crease: Uncensored and Untamed shades

5. Brow-bone: Undercover shade

6. Inner-crease highlight: Undercover shade (to give it a softer feel)

As you can see from my feeble attempts on the eyeliner and the colour blending, you don’t need to be a makeup artist to achieve a great look for your eyes with these palettes. Plus, colour combinations from these palettes are endless! Both looks are just several of many possibilities, and I hope that I’ve successfully convinced you to give Lorac palettes a try.