Quick Glowing BB Cream Application

Hello Beauty- Addict,

Do you know that a certain type of sponge gives a different effect on your BB Cream looks?
For this blog, I am going to show you how to efficiently apply a BB Cream.

I guess all of you should know that Korea comes out with a cushion BB cream. For those of you who have it, you should realize that each pack only comes with 15g in it and you know…. It is considered super little for a BB cream size. In order to be more economical, you can just purchase the sponge and apply your own BB cream with that sponge. Do you know why? Because I realized that the sponge works really great as an applicator itself.
The texture of the sponge gives you a dewy finish look that gives your face a glow even without the need of a highlighter.

So.. Let me show you how I apply it every morning:
1. As usual girls, always apply your daily skin care first before any make up application.

2. Primer is a MUST so that your make up lasts longer ☺ ☺ ☺

3. Grab the cushion sponge and pump a little bit of your BB cream on top of the sponge and DAB it evenly on your face. I usually start under the eye, then I move across to other areas on my face.
(Remember: this type of sponge works the best when you dab it on instead of wiping it on your face)
Blending tips: When you’ve evenly dabbed the BB cream on your face, you will realize that the leftover of the BB cream is concentrated on one side of the sponge. Use the other bottom-half of the sponge (without the BB cream leftovers), to smoothen the look by dabbing it one more time all over your face.




4. Once it’s evenly applied, you can then use concealer to cover all your dark spots because BB cream won’t be enough to cover those pimples/ dark spots


5. As a finishing, apply all over loose powder/ compact powder with a big face brush. Face Powder will lock the BB cream better and it will help to keep it last longer. (Important: Don’t apply a thick layer of face powder.. it will make your face lose it’s natural glow)

*For those of you who have dry skin like me… spray the sponge first with a face mist (I use the face mist from The Body Shop – Vit E). This will give you better moisture lock when you apply your BB cream on.



Try it on Girls!! I am a freak lover of the Beauty Blender sponge… but I realize that this sponge works really fast and it adds a brightening glowing effect on my skin ☺

Products that I used today are:
Glowing BB Cream Application Products

1. Missha BB Boomer as the primer

2. The Body Shop Vit E face mist (to spray on the sponge)

3. IOPE BB Cushion sponge

4. Missha Perfect cover BB Cream (No. 21)

5. Lorac Porefection Baked Powder

6. Big Face Brush