Summer goes Matte


Summer and Matte… isn’t it just a perfect combination for the day look? Personally, I love shimmer colours, but since the sun out there is bright enough, I think it’s time to really bring out our matte colours!!

For today’s look, I will be using my LORAC Pro 2 palette, and my tropic colour theme for today will be on the purple shade.

So let me show you how I did this look:

  1. Eye Primer before everything. Why? Because eye primer will prolong your eye make up and intensify the colour.
  2. For the base colour shadow, I am using “BUFF” all over my eyes.
  3. As the point colour, I am using “Nectar” all over my eyelid. Dab it as you apply the colour. Dabbing will intensify the colour compared to sweeping it all over.
  4. As for the corner colour, I am using “PLUM” from the Pro 2 palette. Starting from the outer corner of your eyes, dab a little of this colour and lightly sweep it in and out around the corner of your eyes to create a softer blend. Keep blending until it reaches the intensity that you desire.
  5. To finish off the eye makeup, I created slight slanted winged eyeliner. This will add a dramatic effect to your eyes (especially for those of you who has small eyes like me).
  6. Curl your lashes and apply some mascara.



To finish off your overall make up, don’t forget to apply some blush and your favourite colour of lippies!!!

Isn’t this simple girls?? Try it out!! ☺